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    Rank - Red Fox

    The red fox is the most abundant and most widely distributed species of Vulpes.
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    Rank - Ruppell's Fox

    Ruppell's foxes are specific to northern Africa and sections of the Middle East.
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    Rank - Fennec Fox

    The fennec fox lives in the northernmost sections of Africa. It was not previously within Vulpes, but genetic evidence shows its close relation with Blanford's fox, making it a true fox.
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    Rank - Corsac Fox

    Corsac foxes live in central Asia. Like V. chama and V. cana, they do best in semiarid deserts. This fox is within the holarctic clade of foxes. This clade also contains the Arctic fox, swift fox, and red fox.
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    Rank - Blanford's Fox

    Blanford's fox dwells in section of the Middle East including Iran and Israel, as well as Afghanistan, Egypt, Turkestan, Iran, Pakistan, and Israel. This species prefers semiarid environments.
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    Rank - Bengal Fox

    Bengal foxes are endemic to India and live throughout the subcontinent, and have not been placed on the endangered species list, but have become threatened by lack of native habitat due to human expansion.
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    Rank - Pale Fox

    The pale fox lives in upper middle Africa and is an arid area-dwelling species.
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    Rank - Cape Fox

    The Cape fox is only found in the south of Africa, including Zimbabwe, Botswana, and South Africa. They thrive in semiarid and arid environments with rich grasslands.
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    Rank - Tibetan sand Fox

    The Tibetan sand fox, as the name suggests, is endemic to the Tibetan and Ladakh plateau in Nepal, China, Sikkim, and Bhutan. This species lives at altitudes up to 5300 m and semideserts.
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    Rank - Kit Fox

    Kit foxes are an arid area-dwelling North American species. They are found in Oregon, Colorado, Nevada, Utah, California, New Mexico, and Texas. They also have a population in Mexico.
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    Rank - Swift Fox

    The swift fox is found in the western grasslands of North America, specifically Montana, Wyoming, New Mexico, Colorado, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Texas, as well as some sections of Canada. This species is most closely related to the kit fox, but lives in a different section of North America. The two can interbreed.
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    Rank - Arctic Fox

    Arctic foxes inhabit all of the Arctic (Russia, Svalbard, Iceland, parts of Scandinavia, Finland, Greenland, Northern Canada, and Alaska).[3] This fox is Iceland's only native land mammal.[4] It arrived there during the climax of the last ice age, when the seas were frozen enough to walk across... And the cutest of all the true fox!