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    Open Source Server

    No. --Locked
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    Open Source Server

    That is not what OpenSource is and you know it!
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    Open Source Server

    I feel like that would be an incredibly bad idea
  4. Lyn__

    i am trying to port forward my router for a minecraft server but its not working for me

    What type of router is it? Every router is different.
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    Server Deals Megathread
  6. Lyn__

    Refactor "Staff Role" Check for Discord API

    database is love, database is life
  7. Lyn__

    Refactor "Staff Role" Check for Discord API

    Could connect to a HashiCorp vault server and pull the name and guild ID dynamically. Another possible solution is storing it in a SQL database and pulling it that way. You could have multiple entries and have multiple staff roles
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    Which AV should I go with?

    I personally suggest always using Windows Defender. Microsoft within the last six months has started sandboxing a lot of executables that are run on windows machines and it works great alongside many endpoint detection and response tools.
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