About the Tech Haven Lab


Slightly Nervous Doggo
Server Admin
Tech Haven is introducing a lab environment for users to test Linux virtual machines. Perfect for users that don’t have the resources to run VMs on their own machines.

Lab is currently in open beta, available to all Tech Haven members. Request a VPN file from myself either here or the Discord. The lab is running OpenNebula, a front end for KVM virtualization.

Current features include:

Bot Features

  • Ability to login with Fox Bot to create and view VMs from the Discord
  • Add / Change your ssh public key through the bot. See Creating SSH Key Pair for Lab for more information regarding SSH keys and accessing the lab.
  • Get a download link for the OVPN file directly from the bot. Just issue fox! generate-vpn after you’ve linked your Discord and OpenNebula accounts.
If you are interested in trying the lab, contact a Server Admin on Discord requesting an OpenNebula Account.

Login to Lab Account

  1. After receiving credentials for OpenNebula, link your Discord and Lab account. DM Fox Bot the following command fox! lab-login username password
  2. Generate a SSH keypair so you can ssh into VMs. Follow the post at Creating SSH Key Pair for Lab, then send your PUBLIC ssh key to the bot.
Create VMs with the Bot

  1. Once logged in, you can create VMs with the fox! create-vm <templateid> <vm name> command. Use the fox! show-templates command to view different Linux Distros available to spawn.
  2. The bot will output information about the VM you created. Use OpenVPN to connect to the network, and ssh into the new VM using the IP address displayed by the bot. Use ssh [email protected] to ssh into the VM.