Getting Started: Cybersecurity


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Don't know where to get started? Follow this professional level course taught by New York University and the Rochester Institute of Technology. All courses are free to audit, and will teach you the fundamentals of cybersecurity theory, forensics, and networking. After you understand the core concepts of cybersecurity, you can continue on your journey of offensive security and pentesting.

General Recommendations:
  • Be Patient: There is a lot of content in these programs. The programs and courses are designed to be done weekly. Set a schedule on what days to "attend class". They also give a recommended number of hours per week you should work on them. While you can take multiple courses at once, if you cannot dedicated 20 hours a week for classes and homework consider only taking one at a time.
  • Be Involved: Take part in the discussion boards. Find or create a study group to learn together. Ask questions on the course boards or our help desk. The more involved you are with the "college lifestyle", the more you will learn.

IT Fundamentals Bachelor Program:
If you are an absolute beginner, I recommend taking these courses for foundational knowledge before the cybersecurity courses. These courses are meant for beginners. If you are already proficient in one of the following courses, skip it.

Cybersecurity Bachelors Program:
5 week courses (8-10 hours per week) to teach the basics of information security, network security, and penetration testing.

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Cybersecurity Masters Program:
8 week courses (8-10 hours per week) that expands upon what you've learned in the Micro Bachelors program.

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