Introducing "HackNet"!


Slightly Nervous Doggo
Server Admin
HackNet is codename for the lab network with vulnerable machines. The subnet ( - is reserved for hackable machines created by Tech Haven staff and user submitted machines. Think of HackNet as a virtual battleground for attacking and defending VMs.


Public boxes reside in -
User boxes reside in -

There are a few rules for what's off limits on HackNet...
  1. Absolutely no pentesting, hacking, DOSing the OpenNebula host ( Your account will be banned if caught, and you will be banned from all Tech Haven services.
  2. No attacking subnets outside of Hacknet (this includes
  3. No DOSing Public boxes. Public boxes are dedicated boxes intended for public use. Multiple users may be using the box at the same time. Public boxes are restarted every 4 hours (if you lose connection, just try connecting again in a few minutes).
  4. User boxes are a "battlefield" for hackers. Nothing is off limit for user boxes. We are not responsible for damages done to your VMs. Treat this as a "wild west" of computers :)

If you have any suggestions for new hackable boxes, or would like to submit your own box, please contact myself or another staff member on the forums, or on the Discord.

Happy Hacking!